How Twitter Likes has Positively Changed Online Marketing

A while ago, Twitter changed its favorite button into a like button. Perhaps many didn’t take this move with the revolutionary weight that it carried with it but for a keen online marketer, this meant a completely new opening into an increased audience and visibility opportunity for businesses and organizations that have known what potential lies in social networking sites marketing. Previously, favoriting a post on twitter simply meant that you are interested in the content. Just that, it was more of a private affair. But twitter likes is completely the opposite of this. By liking a great tweet that you are interested in, it means taking a public stance that you are proud to stand behind that great content, your views are no longer private and other Twitter users can see that. So? How can content marketers use these likes to promote their brand?

Creating great content that compels people to like and go through it is the main factor. There is no way people will just like your posts if they don’t contain that allure that creates curiosity within them. However, creating great content might not be bringing in the amount of traffic that you want fast enough. Opting for system generated likes might be the ideal option. This is a paid service that provides likes to every post that you put on your account. This means that your posts will have a better visibility and exposure that you need for your brand promotion. Acquiring auto-generated likes has become the accelerating power for the growth of small businesses that mostly don’t have the financial muscles for conducting massive marketing campaigns. The system also ensures that your tweets are exposed to the right audience, those that will probably become future customers.

Another factor of importance to note is that having a good number of likes on twitter will not automatically guarantee that any of them will be converted to future clients. Convincing the followers to do business with you is a completely different thing. It requires a careful approach, having in mind that there are other market players who may be selling the same product or service same as yours and therefore it calls for you to stand out on your marketing strategies. One of the most overlooked strategies is making tweets conversational. Let your content create a debate that will invoke as many retweets as possible. This will enable your posts to trend all day long hence attracting more attention. Secondly, always plan your posts ahead. This means creating tweets based on the upcoming events of interest to the public, probably national holidays or events. This will give you an edge in creating a conversation that will promote your brand even more. Lastly, ensure that you reply to every tweet directed to the post that you posted or a question asked considering your services. This breathes life into the conversation and shows people engaging in the conversation that they are being heard and listened to.

Twitter likes have created a complete new untapped avenue for marketers to exploit. The secret remains only in mastering the proper moves to ensure that one has leaped the full benefits availed.

Converting Twitter Likes into Sales

Social media platforms today have become the most popular marketing avenuestoday. There are so many businesses that are opting to market themselves through these platforms because of the obvious advantages that come with them. Marketing on social media is faster, cheaper and gets pone access to the worldwide market within a very short time and without having to invest a lot of time and resources. That being said, it is however noteworthy that getting the sales form social media is not as obvious as people might think. You still need to be able to put in the effort and resources to get those sales. For instance, you might be having very good response on twitter and you can see that people are actually giving you a lot of twitter likes. It is important to note though that these twitter likes are actually not sales, they just represent potential customers, how then do you move from this [point to actually making sales from them?

It is important to understand that social media does make things easier but it does not necessarily mean that it exempts you form doing any work as far as growing your business is concerned. The twitter likes can get your business to the next level but that is only if you use them wisely. You need to be able to carry out proper analytics of the likes that you are getting.

First and foremost you need to look as the twitter likes as a whole. Profile the likes and find out exactly who is giving you these likes. You need to find out what all these people that are giving you the likes have in common. This can tell you what kind of people you are attracting to your business. Once you have found this out, you will be in a much better place as you will have already identified your target audience, you can then start making targeted ads.

You really need toanalyze these peopleand look at their profiles. Get to find out what they usually like, the kind of pages that they follow, the kind of content that they are usually followingand posting; basically you need to find out what makes them tick on social media. This information is very valuable as it will be the basis of your making targeted ads. The targeted ads can then be sent individually to these people this is a better and personalized way of reaching out to this people. With this personal touch, you will find that it will be easier for this people to respond to positively to your business. They will be able to identify with you more personally and they will be more willing to buy the products that you are offering. This way you will find that the twitter likes that you have been getting will start being converted into sales.

Twitter likes are a good way to gauge the market’s response towards you and what you are offering but it should not stop there. Take a step further to engage the [people that are giving you the likes to get more business for your sales and increase your sales and ultimately your revenue.

Contemplating on Buying Massage Chair? Read on…

Stress from work and household chores? Thinking too much? Neck pain? Back pain? Headache? Wanting to go to spa’s but you are doubting that you may spend too much? Buying massage chairs can cost a lot of money but once you have it, you will never regret it and you will feel all of its pleasure. Here is a massage chair for you! Some tips when buying a massage chair is very important so here’s some of it:

How much can you spend?

This is the most important one, the money. You must set your budget. Shopping online for chairs can waste your time. You must always keep your feet on the ground by understanding and having the knowledge that you must keep in your mind that not just because it is expensive, it can give you the best service among the other massage chair can give and always keep in mind that budget for massage chairs has a wide range.


Where will you put your massage chair?


If you are planning to put it at your home, these kind of chair is not as big as a normal chair. Before you think of the comfort it will bring or contemplate on how you will enjoy having one, you should always think about where will you put it first. So is there space left for a massage chair? Make sure that you just put it on the first level of your house because it may not fit in your staircase and it is too heavy to be lifted by you. You always need to leave space either in your bedroom, your living room, even in your office inside the house. Anywhere as long as it has space. When you are going to place it inside your spa, make sure that there are enough space for your clients plus the other things that you need in your spa.


What type of massage do you need?


Massage chairs are different, yes they are all chairs but they become different when it comes to their certain service or to their performance. Of course there are some massage techniques that can be more important and less important to you. There are 5 things or 5 kindso massage and the first is Shiatsu, it is literally finger pressure and it is used in traditional eastern medicine, the certain pressure is also applied to the points the same like acupuncture. Second thing of massage or the second thing is the Swedish, it is a collection of techniques that are really designed to relax the muscles by very deep pressure and with gentle rubbing. The third one is the rolling, the rolling is the most common one when it comes to these chairs, certain rollers apply even pressure on certain points with warming and loosening the muscles. Second to the last, the Percussion, this is the rapid tapping strokes of the chair that provides the release of tension in our muscles in circle motion. Lastly, the Kneading, relieving soreness and tension by stretching and lifting muscles, this kind of massage clears out out toxins.


What features are most important to you?


First of all, to know what kind of feature you really want, identify first what you need. The first ever reason why you need it is for relaxation. All types of chairs can satisfy you relaxation, but you must pick if it can massage other parts of you body for your better relaxation. Or you can just choose any type of a massage chair. The  next reason why you need it is for Pain Management. If there is Anger Management that we all know, there is also Pain Management. It is a different business if you are buying a chair just for a certain need. You need to choose your chairs carefully. Some chairs only focuses on only massaging the lowers part, some only on the upper part. Of course aside from the needs of your body, you also need to think about where you will put your beverages when you are relaxing, or if your’e planning to sleep is there a place for your arm or even your legs? And is there warranty and replacement?